Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vintage shoes

Despite my lamenting of the price of eBay items, maybe you are willing to pay more.

Some shoes I think are interesting and currently available:

A steal at $20, no bids, less than 24 hours to go... Bally Vintage, Size 6, Heels - click here

Maybe you like something a bit different? Vintage 80's, size 7, Peeptoe Heels - click here

And if you like sandals, Vintage, Navy Blue, Size 38 - click here

Happy Shopping!

eBay - Price of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories

The days of finding great bargains on eBay, especially clothes, shoes and accessories are gone. After a few years of a spending ban due to buying property, I'm finally free to buy some clothes again. Having said that, I still want a bargain and I'm sorry to say that eBay is unlikely to net me anything special.

Cheap cotton dresses being sold "Buy It Now" for $60? And cocktail dresses going for over $100, it seems vintage on eBay has caught up with vintage stores. And now, with the price of postage being higher than ever, especially from the USA, it seems cheaper and easier to visit a vintage store. At least then I can try it on.

Disappointing to see so many sellers trying to get too much money. So many listings are for clothes that are not really vintage, or require mending or cleaning, but still, the price is high. So many listings are not even selling, what is the point?