Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The ultimate accessory

When I used to write for The Vine, I wrote a post about the day that shoes would take over the world... And it informed my decision making for a long time. I was obsessed with shoes, I still am, but I don't spend the same amount of time or money obsessing...

I was reading Miss Kitty's blog this morning about the Perfect Accessory and it made me think about what I'd define as my perfect accessory. Of course it's got to be a shoe, but what type of shoe? A boot is practical and can be worn in almost any weather, or is it the perfect pair of flats? But flats can be uncomfortable despite being pretty... Or is it the sandal? The heel?

It's so difficult to choose but I think I know what I would choose. The brogue.

Ben Sherman brogues


Above are two examples, and I have another pair in grey and white that I don't have a picture of on hand. These are the best shoes possible as they have the comfort and support of a boot, but the style of a flat and usually a bit of a heel...