Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you care?

Do you care about being sustainable? What does sustainable even mean to you? I try to be sustainable, but it's a little subjective. For example, a friend of mine doesn't eat meat because it's not sustainable. She's uber substainable I guess. I eat meat but I try not to buy new clothes; only from op-shops/vintage stores or on eBay. But I don't buy old shoes generally because they are not worn into my feet and hence are uncomfortable.

I found this diagram, it shows how Sustainability can be measured or explained. But in terms of footwear, how can you buy sustainably?

Buy fashion made from sustainable materials: cork, latex and jute... Jute is hessian. This is quite difficult but a simple Google search will yield ethical and sustainable brands like El Naturalista who believe that

"Naturalistas" start their journey observing everything that surrounds them. They travel through the world and observe it, becoming impregnated by its textures, its colors, its lines... and after a thousand journeys, real and imaginary, they discover that a single idea brings us together. Whatever our race or culture... we all walk in search of happiness.

Another brand to consider is The Simple Shoes who use recycled materials in addition to sustainable ones. They use recycled rubber from inner tubes in big tyres, like on a tractor I suppose, to make your shoes.

Another way to buy sustainably is through second hand clothing either via opshops, on ebay, in vintage clothing stores or via clothes swaps. There are a lot of options for second hand clothes and these days the clothes you buy are generally freshly washed and in perfect condition.

What else can you do? Make like it's wartime and mend things that no longer fit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parity and the party

The record high of the Aussie dollar is making shopping in online US stores an absolute dream. I'm determined to get some classic pieces at good prices.

I'm also still keen to only buy vintage, but sometimes it is really difficult to find what I want/need. For example, black flat knee high boots. There are not many in eBay Australia, but probably a lot from the US. The cost of the real leather boots from China on eBay are so exciting though, so sometimes I think new has to be the way due to economical considerations.

Reading blogs like Fancy Treehouse and Another Day To Dress Up are a real source of inspiration. Check them out if you don't know them already!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shoe Horror

Now that I'm working in the city, I see a lot more fashion and in particular shoes. Despite the multitude of blogs and magazines that take aim at women who wear heels that they cannot walk in, women are not getting the message.

Why do I see women climbing a hill (which is in fact a gently undulating city street) in heels like these, but with the rubber tip worn bare. It makes a scrapping noise every time she lifts her foot forward, or should I say drags.

From this...

To this...

Then the horror of the... shoe boot. I love a wedge, but a wedge covered with the material of the shoe just looks wrong, particularly when the bottom of the shoe and the beginning of the heel cannot be seen by the naked eye.

I'm going to buy these... swoon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The ultimate accessory

When I used to write for The Vine, I wrote a post about the day that shoes would take over the world... And it informed my decision making for a long time. I was obsessed with shoes, I still am, but I don't spend the same amount of time or money obsessing...

I was reading Miss Kitty's blog this morning about the Perfect Accessory and it made me think about what I'd define as my perfect accessory. Of course it's got to be a shoe, but what type of shoe? A boot is practical and can be worn in almost any weather, or is it the perfect pair of flats? But flats can be uncomfortable despite being pretty... Or is it the sandal? The heel?

It's so difficult to choose but I think I know what I would choose. The brogue.

Ben Sherman brogues


Above are two examples, and I have another pair in grey and white that I don't have a picture of on hand. These are the best shoes possible as they have the comfort and support of a boot, but the style of a flat and usually a bit of a heel...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Music Festival Fashion

There are always so many articles about music festival fashion and it's in my opinion a little bit over the top. I think music festivals are to be a place of comfort and there is a huge difference between the day and the night. For example, this weekend I'll be at rainbow serpent and the dressing up/costume stuff is intense but at night time it's far too cold to be wearing anything but thermals, padded jackets and gloves.

In addition you have to navigate usually pretty extreme weather conditions and in Australia at this time of the year it usually means dust and lots of it. This year there is water, mud and that means gumboots. I got some cheapies which I hope will last me.

I really hope it doesn't end up like this...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What do you miss?

Sometimes when I'm busy at work I get distracted and get transported away to another land; dreamland. I always reminisce in dreamland. And it's usually things I miss.

Some of the things I miss:

  • Being young and carefree and not having to worry about bills, selling a car, budgetting... 
  • Writing regularly
  • Horse riding
  • Getting up late
What do you miss?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Style Resolutions

I don't really believe in resolutions per se but I do think style resolutions or perhaps revolutions are important. I have been toying with minimalism; the idea of it excites me but it is truly difficult to put into action. I made a list a few weeks ago and I've stuck to it reasonably well. But I need to make a few updates to the list because I need to really experiment with my style.

A few years ago, I was EXTREMELY into fashion. Gosh I lived and breathed it. I bought all the fashion magazines and wrote for The Vine and dressed up all the time. But I got fat, went through some heavy stuff and I lost all interest in me.

So what now? I've lost most the weight, got my hair cut and I'm feeling more like the girl I used to identify myself with. And sometimes I feel like faaaarrsshhionn can be such a bore, but style never is. Now I'm back in a size that is reasonable, I can get away with cuter outfits, show my arms, bare my legs and feel confident. So from tomorrow, which is my first day back at work, and hence the first day I'll actually be getting up at a proper time and doing my hair, I'm going to try something new every day. No fail safe outfits, no holy grails. Experimentation...

A few questions:
  • Does anyone have any tips for outfits that work well with bike riding??
  • When are clogs going out of fashion? (I hate them.)
Happy New Year, may your style grow this year!