Friday, December 10, 2010

33 items - outfit 1

I find it difficult to take photos of myself every day but here is one of my first outfits for my new project

Sorry the background is so messy, we're still moving in properly and haven't unpacked the spare room yet. Also I have a bandage on my chin because I had some moles removed but other than that I've got some of my favourite items on!

Dress and Cardigan are from cheapie stories | necklace is vintage | marc jacobs flats

Friday, December 3, 2010

My 33 items

So I spent half an hour with some magazines and a notebook and came up with my 33 items for the summer season. Fitting that summer has just started, and so this is my list:

-full patterned skirt
-2 x cotton dress casual
-2 x work dress
-2 x long sleeve top, one blue and white stripe, one black
-loose grey tee
-tailored shorts
-denim shorts
-4 x cardigans
-chambray shirt
-3 x jeans
-black loose pants
-2 x casual short skirts
-printed tee
-red beads
-nameplate necklace
-2 x rings
-2 x sandals
-Marc Jacobs ballet flats
-converse hi tops
-reebok hi tops
-grey suede heels

There are only 5 things needed to complete my list
-full skirt
-shorts x 2
-printed tee

Tomorrow I shop and put away things not included. Will document each outfit each day.

Workout gear, beach gear, sleep wear, underwear not included.

The art of paring back your life

As I grow older I realise how much I hate clutter and waste. I want to achieve a life of less.

I read this post which was found by googling minimalist wardrobe... it's fantastic and it's a shame I didn't find it a few months ago so I could join in at the right time. I'm going to use it as inspiration though as I want to create my perfect wardrobe.

I often dress for work in a hurry and once I'm here feel that I hate what I'm wearing. Things are uncomfortable, ill fitting or the wrong shade and I don't realise until I'm far away from the closet. This is frustrating, and I know if I put the effort into getting the wardrobe right in the first place, I could get dressed without really thinking and be comfortable and happy all day.

I also want to project a different image than I did several years ago. I've always loved vintage and cute styles of clothing but at 27, I just look immature. I hate overly glam and I dislike anything too dressy, but as a result I often feel under dressed at work (though in Advertising it's a bit vague what "under dressed" really is).

I'm going to post a list of the 33 items I decide to keep and I'm going to be really ruthless.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Summer Footing

What kind of shoes do you wear in Summer? I haven't had time to give myself a pedicure but I'm wearing my sandals anyway, I'm such a rebel.