Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A conflicting style issue

I have a very interesting wardrobe. From loose tees and jeans to 50's vintage dresses, I have at least one of everything. From one day to the next, I look like a different girl. I swing from wearing sneakers and fitted tights with loose tees to work, to the next week wearing brogues, a full skirt and having my hair tied back. I can't make a decision!

I wonder if someone was to comment on my style, what would they say. I know they'd say that sometimes I dress a bit too out there, especially for work. But then I know my work doesn't particularly mind it as I'm not in a super serious role where I have to speak to clients a lot. But then I wonder if I'm limiting myself?

I used to love wearing heels but now my knees and posture are too damaged so its flat shoes or a very very low heel only. This affects greatly what I can wear. Brogues are a great in between for people like me.

I really want to start dressing like Joan or Betty (Mad Men) every day but it's a lot of effort...

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