Friday, April 24, 2009

Dolci Firme

Dolci Firme is owned by Bianca Bucchieri, a purveyor of quality and style, Bianca stocks her tiny stores with the best shoes from major and some unlikely brands.

One of the most fashion forward (and notably my favourite) brands stocked in Dolci Firme is Le Silla. Le Silla is an Italian brand that I noticed on my European tour last year. Italians are known for quality and a certain style, but not usually being fashion forward. Of course there are always exceptions such as the creative director behind Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci. The self-proclaimed struggler, Tisci gave the tired French fashion house a new life. Italians are making waves by stepping away from the sexy and OTT style of yesterday.

I interviewed Bianca this week.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well done Harpers Bazaar

Fashion, be proud luis sanchis 1 550x366 SPREAD UM: Crystal Renn for Australian Harpers Bazaar

For putting gorgeous Crystal Renn in your magazine and for making it seem so natural.

See for the pics.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why not trying is so cool

The idea of effortless dressing isn't new. The 'I just woke up and picked up the dirty clothes on the floor' supermodels favourite line to the popular blogger's perfect photo of their outfit; one of 100 photos their boyfriend took on the side of the road in their tiny native town.

This idea has become such a difficult notion, it's not effortless or easy, it takes careful and deliberate shopping expeditions, serious editing of ones wardrobe and hours preening to make your bedhead hair look just that.

One of the favourite fashion editors ideas on this subject is to suggest their loyal readers not wear 'anything from one designer, one season or with one theme... sometimes wrong is right' (Harpers Bazaar, May 2009). The idea of natural ugliness is nothing new to me. I'm a firm believer that embracing the ugly daily in your outfits will bring you an effortless style that doesn't look put together at all.

The most annoying thing about the article in Harpers Bazaar is their insidious reference to ERIN. God how I dislike that woman. Erin's suggestion is 'when you think yo've spent too much time getting ready, stop. It's better to get dressed on a whim because you make instinctual choices'. Erin's style is emulated by a number of bloggers and while it may suit those california girl types, it certainly doesn't suit the majority of women.

The article suggests other positive models for effortless dressing such as Stella McCartney and Chloe Sevigny who definitely are perenially cool, but not for want of trying. A lot of effort is put into their effortless outfits.

Oh and if you want to really nail this look, you need to have long messy hair, so shorter haired girls, just forget it. For some of us, looking polished is the only way and we won't follow the garden path that Erin and others like her are making oh so cool.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vogue Says I'm Old

Vogue UK has an annual talent competition - a competition for young writers, globally; you don't have to be a UK resident. HOWEVER, you do have to be a certain age and I'm too old. I'm 25.

If you were 24 until January 1 2009 I hope you entered and enjoyed it. Vogue says I'm too old.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Grunge Now

Grunge in the 90’s was all about being cheap, but this decade the trend is different. Having clothes that look cheap when we all know they cost an arm and a leg. Not a new thing, the entire hipster ideology is built on this exact philosophy.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Japanese Streets.COM

My picks of - I love the Japanese and their style. One bad thing about my current lifestyle is that I must always wear black because of my bar job.





Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ronson LOVE

I'm not a huge fan of Samantha, but given the dazzling talent of Mark and Charlotte, I guess I can give her a mention.

A trio of siblings so dissimilar my brain may explode.