Friday, August 22, 2008

Gorgeous AND Brave!

One of my faves, Rihanna. Great great great, gladiator sandals.

Shoes Mend Hearts is busy busy busy

I'm really busy working at the moment, and happily feeling much better about the boyfriend situation. Missing him terribly, but work is keeping my mind distracted.

Melbourne website, The Vine has commissioned me to write about shoes - check it out here.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love Vintage Vinyl

A new blog I discovered, which I love is called Vintage Vinyl. Gorgeous photos, poetry, and prose. I love her perspective on the world.

This post in particular really struck a chord for me today. Love, and all that. Read it and see how you feel.


Being tagged

I love being tagged, it means someone reads my blog!

Darling Trisch tagged me, so here goes...

The rules:
Copy the rules.
Write 14 "small things" that make me happy.
Select 6 blogs so that they continue with the meme and notify them.

The 14 small things that make me happy (in no particular order):
  1. My new Celyn B shoes (Gucci copies)
  2. Playing with the kittens in my new home
  3. An amazing belly laugh with my bestfriend
  4. The moments where you feel content and happy
  5. Brie Cheese
  6. Seeing the Australian Equestrian team at the Olympics get silver, after such a tough year with Equine Influenza, it's an amazing result!
  7. Decorating my new room, after living with a boy it's quite fun
  8. My grandmothers faces when I saw them after being away for so long
  9. Starting a new job
  10. Writing lists of my tasks for a day
  11. A kind email or note thanking me or congratulating me on something
  12. The knowledge of something well done
  13. David Letterman
  14. My hair growing very fast!

I tag the following bloggers!

A new favourite look?

With all the changes in my life, I am wondering whether I need a new look? Maybe nothing too dramatic. Something earthy and calming? Something practical yet shocking?

Enter - State Of Georgia wooden hiker boot. GLORIOUS.

If you want to buy them before me, go to new online shop We're

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Festival Gear

I always swing between being practical or comfortable at festivals. I see so many girls in havs or sandals and I wonder how their feet fare at the end of the night. The start of the day, sure you look great, but by the end of the day, maybe you are thinking, "I wish I wore sneakers".

But if you look at hot as her, you're probably not in the mosh in the dirt with everyone else, are you?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Innocent or clever?

Cleo magazine have an article this month (p. 88) about technology addiction. This type of article runs regularly in magazines. Is it innocent or subtlety veiled as a 'help' article but really a marketing article to try to subliminally convert people back to print media?

Listen Up Australians!!

If you are living in Australia, get into Midas for their Friends & Family sale

print this flyer and take into store :)

Who What Wear Daily: The Rolled Cuff

This is a look I'm personally not into. I think if your legs are anything wider than a pencil it's going to be tough to pull it off. I've actually never experimented so if I change my mind, don't yell at me!!

The good thing about the trend, I'll admit, is seemingly, shoes are a free for all. You can get away with ankle boots, gladiator sandals or ballet flats. Easy dressing for your pencil thin legs.

My apologies for the humour today, it's a poor attempt to lighten my heart!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

When a quote grabs you

This quote from Thuy Diep, Creative Director and Lead Designer from label Thuy, really grabbed me today.

"Optimism, wherever and however I can find it. With everything going on in the world right now (which can leave anyone joyless), optimism is a key ingredient to keeping life refreshed, creative and inspired—and it's especially important for me as a fashion designer. Right now, I find inspiration and optimism in colors. Not just one family of colors but a mixed bag: pastels mixed with primaries as well as with calming neutrals. There is something refreshingly chaotic—yet harmonious—in this colorful mix of non-restricting contrasts." (click here for source)

Optimism is just what I need.

Get it right now!

Peeptoe Shoes are the purveyors of the classic girly going out nighttime heel, and I love it.
These hottie shoes are absolutely so amazingly fun and practical - I can see myself wearing them everyday with all types of outfits.
They come in black, black and lace and pink, so get them while they are there!!

Click here to buy!!
P.S. My pick is the black lace kind!

Turning Japanese

I've long felt Japanese on the inside. People who describe themselves as Asian on the outside, but Caucasion (white) on the inside are considered bananas. For those of us in the opposite situation; Caucasion (white) on the outside but Asian on the inside, we are EGGS.

Speaking of being Japanese, the Japanese have an amazing cute style for fashion and photography, as you'd know if you're into Fruits etc.

Japanese photographer Maki Kawakita produces images that range from cute to sweet to saucy and everything inbetween.

For more, head here...

When branding isn't about ego

I was reading an interesting article in the JC Report today regarding brand names and the trend towards using obscurity rather than an obvious link to the designers name etc.

Designer Andrew Holden, of label 'Conference of Birds' explains this trend as "designers are getting interested in bringing more poetry to their labels. It's becoming less about ego. More and more, forward thinking designers are opting out of using their actual name." Other labels with similarly inspired brand names include Chronicles of Never and Silence is Golden.

This trend is a great move for brands in terms of public relations and marketing. It positions the brand in terms of art and creativity and gives the brand an edge that other brands do not posess. When marketing a fashion brand, it makes the job easier when the brand is original and creative.

Being in bad places

I'm in a bad place at the moment, I'm about to be homeless, I've broken up with my boyfriend and I have no money. I'm feeling about as low as anyone can feel, and I'm trying to pick myself up and move on, but it's very difficult. I don't think my boyfriend ever reads this, but if he ever does, maybe he'll realise what he's putting me through.

The only thing that makes me happy are my friends and my shoes. A weird combination maybe. These shoes in particular which I bought in Milan are my favourite at the moment. All my things are in storage so these are really the only heels I have, but I've been wearing them everywhere and getting lots of compliments.

Love to all



Friday, August 8, 2008


How do you feel about fur? I love this photo, it's taken from MKNYC's profile on I Like My

Monday, August 4, 2008

Interview Shoes

I had a job interview today, after returning from 3 months away, I'm looking for a full time job! It's tough but what is tougher is deciding what shoes to wear.

I dislike going too straight and narrow, I want to show my personality...

My rules for interview shoes:

NO. 2 - NO worn down rubber tip!!

In the cold
1. No peeptoe
2. sheer or opaque black hosiery
3. Simple shape
4. Subtle detail

In the heat
1. No hosiery
2. Moisturised legs
3. No strappy
4. Peeptoe must be small

My picks for your job interviews!!