Friday, June 27, 2008

Sorry everyone!!!

Definitely lots of posts coming up, many photos, not enough time!!!

love from Paris

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gaudi and Gaudy

So Gaudi is pretty famous in Barcelona, and so I thought I´d share a cute shop in the centre of Barcelona. It is located within the Gothic Quarter, and features many items made in the style of Gaudi (famous man, read this if you know nothing about him).

Many apologies!!!

I´m glad to see noone has abandoned me yet!! And I´m sorry I am not posting more, but it is very difficult to find appropriate places to upload photos, not every Internet cafe allows this function.

Without further adieu, some pictures I´ve taken, mostly in Barcelona, where I am now.

First, a reincarnation of the Gucci peeptoe bootie heel at MNG. The shoe is modified by the slingback and additional peepholes on the sides of the shoe. Have to say, I still think mine are better, haha!!
Next up, plastic shoes by United Nude. They are a wedge, all one piece, shoe made of plastic, and come in contrasting colours. I personally think they look great from a far, but up close, the area around the toe is far too big and not flattering.

These gorgeous sandals are one of many you can find in Barcelona, cheap and cheerful, the detail caught my eye.

Amazing sneakers by Nike, I like the crazy and the simple, and these just do it (haha get it?) for me...

And lastly, a great sneaker shop I found in Barcelona!! 24 Kilates, very cool and I loved the presentation and selection of sneakers. Wish I had more room in my already packed bags!!

A Reebok/Married To The Mob collaboration... pretty cool and sexy too!