Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Selling fast...

Net-A-Porter have a link on their homepage to the top ten shoes as their most popular....

What do you think? My top pick are the Chloe patent leather sandals...

The Cogs of My Style

Reading lots of these types of posts all over fashion world blogging, and it's quite interesting to do one for yourself.

Top Row: Pink Luelle Giselle Bag, Black and white two tone peeptoes with the perfect height heel, Neutral headbands, Black and Gold Marc Jacobs Blake bag, White bow flats, chanel towel, Gingham shirt, panda print, red dress, cropped coat

Middle Row: Black and white stripe clutch, oxford heels, animal bracelet, opaque tights, suede low heels with chain, butterfly belt, nudie jeans, denim pinafore, vintage coloured dress, white tee

Bottom Row: White platform gladiator style shoes (chloe), tan flat boots, brogue multicoloured pump, halterneck polka dot bikini, polka dot dress sailor style, lame leggings, vintage bright skirt, too faced bronzer

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Style Diary Profile

One of my favourite Vogue ladies has the most gorgeous shoe wardrobe...

Miss Brasilian Babe

With a collection of shoes to rival any woman, she is my shoe idol!

Some of her best finds (I think!!)

Marc Jacobs boots

Burberry Stacked Heels

Baker Pauletta Shoes

Miu Miu Brogue Pumps

(my version are a copy - jeffery campbell from modcloth)

Baker Princess Shoes

Luella London Fall 08

I couldn't agree more with this review by Sarah Mower about Luella's collection for this Fall 08.

"LONDON, February 14, 2008
Why is it that so many designers are surreptitiously delving into horror movies to rev their engines? Only last night, Giles Deacon was murmuring about Roger Corman's The Masque of the Red Death. In New York, the Mulleavy sisters disclosed their liking for Japanese slasher movies. And last season, Christopher Kane was crazed for Carrie, Stephen King, all that. And now here's Luella Bartley, talking about "Britt Ekland in The Wicker Man and the Witch museum in Boscastle, Cornwall, where we live," before adding, "I wanted something a bit raw and pagan." What's this? Generalized cultural anxiety seeping to the surface in the form of fashion?

But, oh, stop. We're attending to a Luella collection here, and what we see before us is something (as the designer puts it) "cute but always a little sick—that's my girl." So there she is, working a quirky, twisted-felt witchy hat, a short gray coat; a puff-sleeved peasant blouse; and high-heeled clogs, for starters. Happily, it didn't get much scarier than that, for the collection was dense with easy-to-wear pieces rather than sinister subtext—fitted black-and-red-check country jackets with puffed sleeves, cord jodhpurs, smocked blouses, a great herringbone single-breasted coat with perked-up shoulders, and a slew of accessories. Hard as it is for any designer to think of anything new to put on a bag, Bartley's English-village observations sparked the idea of taking the jingly bells and multicolored ribbons of Morris dancers' costumes and loading them onto satchels and totes.

In other words, it wasn't to be taken terribly seriously—except for the fact that, eight years on from her first showings in Portobello, Bartley is now the mother of three under five, with a proper brand to her name and a knack for keeping it young and witty. Kudos to her for that."

Some of my favourite looks. Grey tights, short coats and dresses, strappy shoes, tartan, buckles and straps and big hair.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rainy weather?

What to wear in rainy weather? Last year I posted about caring for leather and the recent cooler and rainy weather in Melbourne has made me start thinking about what to wear this winter. Last year several pairs of my favourite suede flats and boots were destroyed and repaired more than once.

My lovely ladies on Vogue have just started talking about the humble gumboot. In all it's glory, it's been reincarnated over the past few years as a genuine fashion item, complete with endless prints and shapes.

Not for the meek though, these boots will attract a lot of attention!

Some that I like...

Good places to buy from

Funky Wellington Boots (UK)

More looks from London Fall 08

Christopher Kane's collection is online today from Style.com. I love Christopher Kane, even though it's not really my style. I just love his 'ethos'.

Love the fabrics and the detail, imagine the feeling you'd get wearing these types of garments. The attention you'd attract if you added even one element of these outfits to your normal everyday style. It would be phenomenal. Particularly in Australia, as compared to Europe, we are so 'underdressed' which frustrates me every single day.

This one is probably the only look I would wear given my body shape and style. I really love the draping of the cardigan, the shape of the dress and the colours too. The lightness of the colour would help a shortie like me wear something like this, the darker ones above would be too 'heavy'.

Being a blog about shoes and all, I just have to add that those shoes are just divine. I can't really imagine them being hugely wearable, but something to put in a glass cabinet and stare at.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lovely boots!!

I met a lovely girl on the train today and she let me take a photo of her shoes. I hope you found the blog lovely!!

Such gorgeous boots and a cheap opshop find, well done!!

New Nine West Collection

Nine West (Australia based) have released new collection in store and online.

Check it out...


Harish chocolate brown boot $349

Emmit classic black patent pump $139

Glamour Girl small reptile graduated colour clutch $89

My favourite London 08 Fall Looks

Eley Kishimoto

Love the shoes!

Zac Posen

Anna Sui

Love the detail on the jacket and waistcoat

3.1 Phillip Lim

These jackets are divine.

Betsy Johnston

(more faves to follow!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buy of the day!

Following on from yesterday's post about boots, here are some great boots you can buy from Irregular Choice...
Check them out here and they are on sale!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Boots

Melbournes cold weather the past two days has me thinking about boots! What kind of boots will you be wearing this winter?

I'll be looking to add to my collection with something like the following

Frye Lisa Pleated Bootie click here
Dolce Vita Haute Ecole Boot click here

Maison Martin Margiela click here

Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I don't usually write about handbags, but I love accessories, always have, always will. My boyfriend bought me my first 'expensive' handbag for Christmas. The Marc Jacobs black with gold hardware Blake bag. It is absolutely beautiful and has renewed my interest in designer handbags.

My new favourite designer is Prada and not so much for the fashion but for the creative driection the company is taking. Rem and Jeroen Koolhaas recently produced their lookbooks for Fall/Winter 07 and Spring/Summer 08.

SO wonderful!! My favourite shot from the new Prada lookbook is this one (from page 13).

Prada's new season handbags are just divine. Check out the multicoloured one below that Who What Wear's Katherine chose as her pick for spring accessories.

Also a new favourite is Karen Millen. This gorgeous day bag is such a lovely colour and shape. You can buy it from her store... click here

I'm dying to get one from the Karen Millen store in Melbourne but I know it will be so overinflated in price!

Buy of the day!

Some searching on Bluefly prompted me to post some of these gorgeous (and on sale) purchases!!

Prada (size 35 left only)


Alexandra NeelHope you enjoy those!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Buy of the day!

These gorgeous flats from Oscar De La Renta are just perfect for your transeasonal shoe collection.

I love embroidery on shoes!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Some photos!

Today, I tried to take photos of some nice shoes. It was such a hot day so it was difficult, everyone was wearing thongs!!

But, I did find some cute shoes worn by a very nice Fat sales assistant. thank you!

Here are some photos of my day out today, I wandered around Melbourne and showed a French friend (Manon) all the wonderful things Melbourne has to offer.

The flourless chocolate cupcake I had with a peppermint tea at Little Cupcake in Degraves St, City.

The window at my favourite vintage store, Currency, on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Friday, February 1, 2008

This blog could be so much more...

I want this blog to be so much more, but the difficulty is that working full time means I'm not able to spend a lot of time scouring the net for interesting things to write about. Nor do I have much free time during the days of the week to take pictures of people, shoes I see in windows or anything that may be inspirational.

I read a few blogs fairly religiously and envy the time and effort that they put into the blog (particularly the opinion pieces a la miss susie bubble). But I realise now that it's not without sacrifice and obviously their blogs are their life! So I suspect I will make more of an effort (just got the internet at home too) and you'll see longer and more frequent editorials on these pages.

keep the comments rolling, I want to get your opinions on everything I write about!!


Buy of the day!

Louboutin truly is a genius. These gorgeous mary jane pumps with silver studs just scream 'I am different, I'm not a normal girl'. The style name? Mad Mary... Yes indeed. Go forth and buy...