Thursday, December 20, 2007

Australian shoe shopping

When I dream of living overseas, I dream of being able to shop in many different places, having access to shops full to the brim with stylish and fashion forward shoes. Shoe shopping in Australia is ridiculously difficult with prices for those fashion forward shoes so skyhigh, and the cheap knockoffs, falling apart in less than a week.

The few and far between shoe designers such as Tristan Blair provide a slightly more affordable quality shoe, but it's still out of reach of most fashionable young women living on salaries that cannot afford such spending. Alex and Alex are a famed label providing some great shoes, but the variety can leave a lot to be desired. Stockists are hard to find, although prices are very reasonable.

Topshop is not Sportsgirl. Let's not kid ourselves... David Jones and Myer offer some great options from some well known brands but they are not H&M, Miss Selfridges or Urban Outfitters...

Australia is missing out.

American Apparel just opened a new store down the road from my work, but I hate AA. It doesn't appeal to me, but obviously it appeals to many. I can only dream of an Australian outlet for Urban Outfitters or H&M. Dream on it seems.

The boutique shops we rely on provide us with some great options but this is not nearly enough when in comparision to what Londoners or New Yorkers are offered, our style is still among the best (debatable I know).

I hope to one day be a shoe designer and have my own boutique, but to have the reach of a large brand and stock amazing brands in a large store, would be the ultimate (and probably unachievable) ideal.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shiny shiny shiny

Juicy Couture are known for standing out among the crowd of brands, and these ballet flats are perfect for those days when you just want to stand out.

The studded ballet flat available from are just adorable. They look perfectly comfortable and well formed to fit most feet. Only wear these on dry ground as the suede sole will not hold up to extreme weather.

Features include
  • Soft grained leather
  • Gold studs allover shoe
  • Rounded toe
  • Gold metal bow
  • Slightly elasticized sides
  • Contrasting metallic leather patch at heel back
  • Sumptuous suede lining
  • Metallic grained leather padded insole
  • Suede sole with rubber toe and heel patches

Perfect for your weary foot!
It's shoes like these that make me want to spend all my rent money and eat noodles for a week.

Alexander McQueen black leather peep toe pumps with a 13cm heel and 2cm concealed platform. Features an ivory stripe across toes and heel. The concealed platform will increase the comfort of these stunning heels. The shape from the heel to the toe is divine and will make any pair of feet look simply amazing. (Net-A-Porter).

Monday, December 10, 2007

My next pair of Roccos...

I want a new pair of Rocco's, not because I need them, but because I love my other pair but it's fun to have more than one?!

I think I've decided on purple suede, like these sneakers, the same shape as the pair I have already (see above) but with a higher heel (maybe 2 inches). I'm not yet decided on the colour of the heel, but possibly silver. I do love my silver.

Won't be getting these until early next year, it's a five week wait but it will be worth it.

New shoes!

I went to the Nude Footwear sale in Prahran over the weekend, and luckily got there early enough to snap up some bargains. Nothing was over $50 and a lot of the styles were current. Too bad I'm not sample size (37) because there was some really great stuff there.

The Lucy shoe in white. It's a butterfly over the toe and a comfortable slingback.

The minnie shoe in white porcelain leather and gold. A narrow sexy pump that is just perfect with jeans or the prettiest dress. Reasonably comfortable but need to break in a bit more...The other pairs of shoes I bought over the weekend (no photos just yet, will upload later) include red pumps with a splayed snakeskin strap across the top of the foot and a black polka dot peeptoe pump (not from Nude). Will post photos tonight!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Fashion swapping

It's all over the globe, making waves and helping contribute to sustainability in fashion.

The idea is swapping instead of shopping - contribute to a charity and have a damn good time too!

It's only in Melbourne I am afraid, but who knows, one day, we might see For Better Or Purse spread all over the world!

Gals in Melbourne, unite! Check out the Blog, the Myspace, or the Facebook Group.

Spread the word!!!